Jul 9, 2024

5 Unexpected Pieces of Advice for New Art Teachers: Lessons from a Veteran Art Teacher

Discover five essential pieces of advice for new art teachers from my 15 years of experience teaching elementary art. Learn how to slow down, set boundaries, and collaborate with colleagues to create a supportive and inspiring art education environment. Embrace these tips to enhance your teaching journey and let your creativity shine.

Jul 2, 2024

How to Respectfully say No to Excessive Requests as an Art Teacher

Art teachers often face numerous miscellaneous requests that can overwhelm their schedules. Learn effective and respectful ways to say no, maintain boundaries, and focus on your primary teaching responsibilities with our guide on how art teachers can manage extra requests in schools.

Nov 21, 2023

Window Painting 101: How to Paint Festive Windows at School or Home

One of my favorite ways to spread holiday cheer throughout my school community has been to paint the windows. Paint...

Oct 24, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Arts Integration: Fueling Creativity and Learning

Discover how arts integration transforms education, enriching the academic experience and boosting creativity. Explore the myriad benefits of infusing art into traditional subjects, from enhancing academic performance to fostering emotional intelligence. Unleash the potential of your students as they paint a brighter, more colorful path to knowledge through art-inspired learning.

Sep 18, 2023

Diverse Famous Artist Posters for the Art Room

If you're looking for a way to add color, creativity and rich art history into your art room, then I have the perfect visuals for you.  Meet the Famous Artists Poster series, perfect to bring art history to life for art students of all ages. Your art room is about to become a living canvas as we showcase the work of some of the most celebrated artists in history, spanning various eras and genres. From the timeless beauty of Leonardo Da Vinci's Renaissance masterpieces to the bold, contemporary expressions of Jean-Michel Basquiat, we've curated a selection that's as diverse as it is inspiring.

Sep 12, 2023

How to Make DIY Sketchbooks in the Elementary Art Room

This is one of the number one questions I get: How do you make student sketchbooks??? Well my friends, it's beyond ea...

Aug 23, 2023

10 Effective Ways to Foster Genuine Connections with Your Art Students At the Start of The Year

Discover 10 practical strategies to establish authentic connections with your art students at the start of the school year. From showing genuine interest in their interests and hobbies to creating and fostering a supportive environment, this blog offers valuable insights for art educators seeking a way to further connect with their students. 

May 12, 2023

How to Make Student Art Portfolios

💼 DIY Student Art Portfolios 💼 Welcome to one of my favorite days to end of the school year. This is not only a day w...

Aug 1, 2021

10 Eye Catching Teaching Visuals for the Art Room!

1 million years ago (ok, actually 14) when I walked into my first art room there was absolutely nothing in it. Oth...

Jul 10, 2021

8 Tips to Setting Up Your Art Room

14 years ago I walked into my very first art room, full of so much excitement but also feeling totally overwhelmed wondering where to even begin!?
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