Easy Mother's Day Art Project for Kids: Printed Floral Bouquet

Easy Mother's Day Art Project for Kids: Printed Floral Bouquet

This project is not only personal and beautiful, but for kiddos it is SO much fun!!! 

This project, Printed Petals, was derived from an art lesson I taught a few years ago using only old CDs to make flowers! It was the perfect backdrop for a self portrait project that my students did at the time (pictured here) 

Then, a few years later I decided to connect elements of this project to a famous lithograph by Picasso called The Bouquet of Peace. 

One of the reasons I love this project so much is not only do you capture the precious moment in time with your kiddo's hand print, but they have SO much fun using miscellaneous everyday objects / kitchen tools to create the majority of their artwork, like dish sponges, potato mashers, old Cds, plates, etc (be sure to head to your local dollar store to stock up on these objects!) 

Here are a few pictures of my students' works in progress!


For the full lesson with all supply recommendations, tips and tricks and how to get your paint to POP on the black paper, you can click HERE to grab the full lesson!! 


Have fun!! 


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