Spray Bottle Plant Silhouettes Art Project for Kids

Spray Bottle Plant Silhouettes Art Project for Kids

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that art making can't be moved to the outdoors! I love doing this plant silhouette project with kids because it gets everyone up and moving and into nature in order to make our project! 


Materials Required:

- Heavy Duty drawing paper or watercolor paper

- Spray bottles of either liquid watercolor or food coloring and water. EAch color your wan tot use need it's own spray bottle (Always recommend the Dollar store for these types of supplies)

- Plant leaves, stems, flowers, sticks, etc. Anything from nature that is relatively flat with an interesting shape. *Note: just be mindful of grabbing plants that aren't safe like poison ivy, etc.

For the lesson tutorial, be sure to check out the video below of my segment on Talk Pittsburgh

Now get outside and make some art! 🌿


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