Meet Quell: Our New Brand for Artists, Creatives and Makers!

Meet Quell: Our New Brand for Artists, Creatives and Makers!

When my husband Chris and I first met, we bonded over two things: our love of 90s hip hop and a mutual love and admiration for the arts and all things creative. To be able to share your passion for the arts with your life partner is not something we take for granted and just makes life FUN! So, we decided to  team up and create a brand that is as vibrant and inspiring as the people it serves. 

We wanted to create a brand that made creating art more accessible and that will actually make you WANT to create more! In a world that is so digitized, to us there seems to be nothing more human than creating a piece of art that comes from your head, heart and through your hands. We want our products to break the barrier and help you just “Go Art”!

So why the name “Quell”? We have gotten this question a lot so we’d love to share! To quell something means to quiet, subdue or silence something and for us- that is exactly what creating art does to our brains. It quells the so called 🧠“racket” if you will. The anxiety, to do lists, ruminating thoughts etc. Creating art connects your mind and body and allows you to feel 100% present and grounded. Not to mention, our daughter named Quinn, never sees Q’s out in the world so we thought it would be special to embrace as Q as our logo 🩷😊

Our first product is The Artist Apron!  Our artist apron designed with form AND function at the top of mind. The artist apron is light weight, high quality, easily removable (to take on and off quickly between classes) with a specific pocket for a phone (so it isn’t sliding around with all the other misc materials in the pocket, pencil/ brush holders aaaand MY FAVORITE PART: a special mini pocket to keep your jewelry safe place when you’re hands are messy!

We cannot thank yall enough for your support in our new venture and can’t wait to share all that we have in store for Quell in the future! Our carefully curated and meticulously designed aprons are just the beginning!! Thank you for being here and part of the Quell Community 🩷

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