Dog Weaving Art Lesson for Elementary Children

Dog Weaving Art Lesson for Elementary Children

Weaving is an essential skill for students to develop, offering a multitude of benefits. However, what makes it even more engaging is when weaving projects are integrated with subjects that students are passionate about – like animals!

Picasso art lesson Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey by David Douglas Duncan | Goodreads

In our recent art lesson, we delved into the captivating world of artists and their beloved pets. Among the many fascinating artist-animal relationships, we focused primarily on the bond shared between Pablo Picasso and his faithful dachshund, Lump, as well as Frida Kahlo and her menagerie of animals.

For our weaving project, we used Tru Ray construction paper as the foundation for our loom, complemented by strips of vibrantly painted paper for the weaving process. Utilizing previously prepared painted paper strips, which students had created at the beginning of the school year, allowed us to weave seamlessly into our lesson plan.

    dog weaving art lesson

Once students had skillfully woven their weft strips through the paper loom, trimming and securing them with glue, they embarked on crafting the head, feet, and tail of their chosen animal using construction paper of their preference.


After  drawing and adding intricate details to their animal features, students then cut them out and seamlessly incorporated them into their woven creations, bringing their woven dogs to life!

dog weaving art project

Teaching this lesson to students spanning grades 2 through 5 was an absolute delight, igniting their creativity and fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistic endeavors of both humans and animals alike. If you want to help your students discover the joy of weaving pets inspired by the legendary artists Picasso and Kahlo – you can find my full Dog Weaving lesson here! 

dog weaving art projectdog weaving

In my full lesson you will find detailed instructions accompanied by step-by-step photos, drawing guides, enriching art history insights, and curated resources such as books and videos that beautifully complement the lesson. You and your kiddos are sure to love it!! 

Happy creating! 

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