Summer Self Portraits: The Perfect Art Lesson to End the School Year!

Summer Self Portraits: The Perfect Art Lesson to End the School Year!

Fact: Once spring break is over pretty much EVERY student (and teacher)'s mind is focused on one thing: SUMMER. Amirite?!

Summer is for sunshine, fun, and relaxation so why not embrace the season with a fun and easy summer self portrait portrait. Last spring I decided to create a "Fun in the Sun" summer self portrait guide for my students in grades K-3 to use as a reference for drawing their own pictures. They absolutely lovedddd it and once my upper elementary kiddos started to see their work, they begged me to do the project as well! Check out some of their adorable work here: 

Summer Self portrait1 Summer Self portrait2 Summer Self portrait3 Summer Self portrait4 Summer Self portrait5 Summer Self portrait6 Summer Self portrait7

In this guide, students are provided with step by step instruction for how to create a simplified illustrative self portrait lounging in the sun in the pool, beach, grass, or wherever is relaxing! They will draw themselves just basically living their best lives 😎

Unfortunately I just have the drawing guide in my TPT store, not the full lesson. However, finishing them off is super easy! I had my students trace their pencil lines with sharpie, color in crayon, and then using white crayon, they drew wavy lines in the background and then painted over the background with blue liquid watercolor to make it look like water! This was such a fun one!  


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  • Do you have any books or virtual filed trip ideas to go with this lesson? Thank you!


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