How to Store and Organize Drawing Guides for Students

How to Store and Organize Drawing Guides for Students

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As an art teacher, I have tons of drawing guides that I have made and acquired over the years. Not only do these step-by-step drawing guides help students during specific projects but they are perfect for my early finishers, students who are trying to catch up after being absent, and a great backup plan for a sub in case of a teacher absence. However, one thing I had often struggled with was how to organize and store these guides for myself and my students. I wanted my students to have easy access to these guides while working in sketchbooks or practicing a new skill but found myself having to take instructional time to dig for them in my lesson folders. Not very efficient. 

At the start of last year, I briefly taught from an art cart and had purchased this hanging file folder from Target as my plan for storing my students’ art on the go. Thankfully I was able to use my classroom again a few weeks later and found I no longer had a need for this system of transporting student work, so I decided to use it to keep my drawing guides neat and organized! I purchased the fluorescent hanging file folders from Staples and love how bright and fun they are and love that they came with plastic tabs to label them. In each folder, I have about 20-25 copies of each guided drawing subject with a clearly written label on top of each folder. You could, of course, add fancy typed labels or pictures and organize them in ABC order, by subject, you name it. If you find yourself looking for a system for your drawing guides, I hope this helps you out! Cheers!


All drawing guides pictured above can be found in my Growing Drawing Guide Bundle on TPT. You can grab them here!

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