A Night In Monet's Garden || Elementary Art Show Inspiration

A Night In Monet's Garden || Elementary Art Show Inspiration

A Night in Monet's Garden || Art Show 2017

Weeping Willow Art Show

One of my absolute favorite times of year is the spring... not only because the sun is finally coming back out, the temperature is warming up, flowers are starting to sprout and  for us art teachers, it's art show time!

Now that I am taking a break from teaching in the traditional classroom, I want to take a moment to reflect back on some of my favorite previous art shows and give them a space for other's to access here on my blog. Not only do I love looking back and reliving these memories but I hope that these posts will inspire others who are planning their own art shows, or even just thinking about giving one a go! 

A night in Monet's garden art show

So here is one of my favorite art shows back from 2017, "A Night in Monet's Garden at Giverny". This art show was not only the perfect tie-in to art history, but the best way to welcome the season of spring! This theme of course meant, flowers, a pond, lily pads, weeping willows and even an arched bridge. The night was nothing short of magical, with an incredible turn out! At this school, I was lucky enough to have two different art clubs that I met with each twice a week. It was the help of these talented kiddos that helped bring our dreams to reality! I say "our" because it truly was a collaborative experience with my clubs. We all shared ideas, teamed up in small groups and created so much beautiful art to be enjoyed by others!

aerial view of art show  Monet's pond  Clay cove

My talented Community art members had been busy making flowers of all kinds, while Art Guild worked the night of the art show, either doing live paintings, caricatures, leading a "Make it Take it" interactive art table, and running a photo booth!! Perhaps one of the biggest features of the evening was the beautiful arched wooden bridge custom built for the art show! I know! Can you even believe it?! But thanks to one of the grandparents of one of my art club kiddos, this stunning bridge was custom made and donated to the school for the art show. This bridge symbolized walking through the weeping willows, over the stream and into Monet's garden at Giverny. Truly magical! 

monet's bridge  Monet at art show  Art with Mrs. E and family  

The night would never have been possible without all the incredible parent volunteers who spent the entire day with me mounting and hanging all of the student art. I am so proud of each one of my students and the amazing job they have done all year long. What a night to celebrate the arts!! 

Do you have any questions about how any elements of this art show were created? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy Making!


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  • Hi!

    I am preparing for my garden themed art show so i have been looking at some of your photos for inspiration… I wanted to ask you how the heck you made those paper vines? They look like small green cones but I can’t figure out how you made those shapes. Could you explain how to fold/cut the paper? Thanks!

    Danielle Linz

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