Winter Wonderland Drawing Guide Project Idea

Winter Wonderland Drawing Guide!

Winter Wonderland Drawing Guide Art with Mrs E

Sorry not sorry for creating yet another drawing guide! I really do LOVE breaking down drawing for kids and artists of all ages so that everyone can slowly build their confidence. Remember, art is subjective and there is no right or wrong way to make art.. however, I am fully aware that many people are just plain intimidated and don't even know how or where to start. Luckily, that's where I am here to help :) 


Allow me to introduce you to my newest drawing guide called "Winter Wonderland". In this guide you will not only learn how to draw special elements of winter but also learn how to draw full figures of people!! This is huge for me. I have been wanting to create a "Full Figure" drawing guide for quite sometime, so I feel like this drawing guide which features kids playing in the snow and doing various winter related activities was the first step in me facing my nerves about teaching you all how to draw a whole body of a person! Sure, this is not a high school or college level figure drawing guide, but instead an approachable guide that helps artists draw a whole body of a person one line at a time. This is not a deep dive into gesture drawing, shapes, or movement, but a bit of hand holding to build confidence so that the artist continues to WANT to create and take their artistic journey a little further each day. 

 Girl doing snow angels with dog drawing Art with Mrs. E

Ok so back to the guide (insert heart eye emoji) You will find the following winter themed "How to draw" objects:

Fun in the Snow:

Kids ice skating, sledding, snow tubing, building a snowman, making snow angels, skiing, snowflakes, snow forts, snow men, ice skates, tons of winter trees and more!

Warm & Cozy:

hats, gloves, scarves, boots, fire places, tacky Christmas sweaters, hot cocoa, slippers, yarn, cookies and more.

Holidays & Celebrations:

ginger bread house, stockings, presents, menorah, dreidel, Diya lamp, Kwanzaa Kinara, lanterns and dragon for Chinese New Year, fireworks, disco ball and party supplies for New Years Eve 


I am so excited about this guide and also wanted to remind you that if you are looking for homes in winter, I have a whole separate drawing guide called Winter Village Guide and several different ways you can use this guide to create a super fun and engaging Winter Village lesson or use it to paint the windows in your classroom or home! I also have a great lesson for the winter months called the Northern Lights Lesson 


Also coming soon- my Winter Woodland Animals Drawing guide, so keep an eye out for that little cutie!


Happy Creating!



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