Watercolor cityscape art lesson from Art with Mrs. E

Watercolor Cityscape Art Lesson

If you have been following me for a while on Instagram, you know how I love my quiet (solo) mornings painting in my sketchbook. There's just something about a quiet house, a hot coffee, classical piano and your sketchbook to start the day. Well, a few years ago I painted this "rainbow cityscape" one morning and since then, I have just always loved it. From painting in a very satisfying rainbow order gradient, to using a paint pen to mindlessly draw repetitive shapes and lines for the building details... it was just so therapeutic! 


Well one morning this past summer, I was painting with my son (who is 6 and has recently exploded in his interest for art) and I shared this painting in my sketchbook with him. He then asked me to teach him how to paint it... and so, I broke it down for him. As we were painting and drawing together, I started thinking about what a great lesson this would be to roll out early in the year when teaching about line and shape (along with pattern, repetition and so much more). Even though I am no longer in the classroom this year- once a teacher brain always a teacher brain. So... I created a formal lesson for it- and honestly it was so much fun teaching this lesson to him! 

art with mrs E watercolor cityscape lesson

In this lesson you will have everything you need from art history (hello Faith Ringgold, James Rizzi and more!) to books and videos that pair perfectly, A cityscapes / buildings drawing guide, to step by step color photos and time-lapses and so much more! Using glue, watercolors, any white drawing material that is opaque enough, and my guide- this lesson is great for all ages honestly.

art with mrs E watercolor cityscape lesson

I am so excited to teach this lesson to a small group once my private classes for kids begin... but until then, I hope that you enjoy this lesson with your students! You can find this Watercolor Cityscape lesson here! If you have any questions or suggestions- don't hesitate to reach out to me through my email or Instagram! 


Happy Teaching!


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