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AHHHH! Have ya'll heard the news? I am beginning the next chapter in my teaching journey and am now holding in-person art workshops! This feels like a dream come true honestly. Teaching has been a huge part of who I am for the last 15 years (probably longer if you count all my years of playing school) so to be able to still honor who I am while keeping a schedule that is so much more flexible for my family feels like the best of all worlds! Let's not forget to mention that a huge part of my heart has always wanted to teach people of ALL ages- including adults!

Ever since I started my Instagram account I have been passionate about modeling consistent art making and sharing the benefits of creating art whether you're a child or a mom. As an adult who relies on the therapeutic benefits of creating art I am so excited to now help bring out the creativity in other adults who have an interest in creating and are looking for a different form of self care (face masks and bubble baths can only get you so far). 

Growth Mindset workshop  So now I am ecstatic to share my first workshop titled "Growth Mindset". It is a painting that emerged when I felt compelled to paint a silhouette of my daughter after thinking about how much she has grown over the last 3 years (cue the tears). To me, the best way to represent that growth was through a subject that I love- plants and botanicals. So using her precious profile I turned her silhouette into my own Phipps Conservatory to hang in my home. Once I shared my painting on Instagram, the large amount of people asking me if I was taking commissions sparked an idea! I thought, the only thing better than having a painting like this done of your child, was being taught to create one yourself. A mother creating not only one beautiful life but also a painting to represent it? Double whammy of art filled with heart. 

As of now, my workshops are only being held once a month and are in person, but I will be sharing sign ups for my first virtual workshop to be held in January! I hope that providing a virtual options allows for more accessibility for those who would like to join me in creating this painting. Workshops for December and January will be going live next week (October 26th) so be on the look out! Until then, I'm excited to share some photos from my first few workshops. I am so incredibly proud of my students and what they were able to create ( and may I add no painting experience is required!). 

If you are interested in joining me (either virtually or in person) for one of my workshops, be sure to click this link to sign up or click on "Workshops" on my website ! Hope to see you soon! 



growth mindset project 1

Growth Mindset workshop 1.  Growth Mindset workshop 2  Growth Mindset workshop 3Growth Mindset workshop 4Growth Mindset workshop 5.  Growth Mindset workshop 6Growth Mindset workshop 7    Growth Mindset workshop 8   Growth Mindset workshop 9 Growth Mindset workshop 10   Growth Mindset workshop 11 Growth Mindset workshop 12Growth Mindset workshop 12

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  • I would love a virtual growth mindset class!

    Chrystine Zent

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