Scarf Selfie Winter Art Lesson!

Scarf Selfie Winter Art Lesson!

One of my favorite things to make as a kid was a scratch board! Have you ever heard of them? If you are familiar with "Scratch Art" kits you can buy for kids, it's basically a homemade version of that!  So not long ago I was making a scratch board with my son and thought, "Hmmm how can I make this technique pertain more specifically to a project?" Perhaps it was the frigid cold Pittsburgh temperatures or just some trial an error, but I am so excited to share the lesson I created with you all! Meet "The Scarf Selfie" art lesson!


Teaching self portraits is so important in art education, but let's be honest: sometimes it's not a kid's most favorite project to do. Whether they're intimidated by the specifics or feel awkward about drawing themselves, it's just not one of those projects that are high on most kids' list. So that's why I'm excited that this project allows them to create a self portrait without actually drawing most of their face! You're probably thinking "Kaitlyn what in the world are you even talking about?!" Well, in this project students will create the illusion of their face but not actually have to draw all of the details thanks to a gigantic scarf they will be drawn wrapped around themselves (which is where the fun of the scratchboard comes in)

scarf selfie art lesson  scarf selfie lesson preview

In this "ready to go" 41 page lesson, students will learn about line, shape, pattern and more. Completely with art history, books and videos to support the objectives and step by step photos and time-lapse videos all in a google slides, PPT and PDF format, all you have to do is open and lesson and go! 

This lesson was SO much fun to create and I am certain that not only will your students love it, but you will love that it will carry you all the way to winter break! If you are looking for more easy lessons for the winter/ holiday months, be sure to check out my winter village lesson/ blog and my Northern Lights art lesson. 

If you create this lesson I'd LOVE to see the process and final project, so be sure to tag me on Instagram (@artwithmrs.e)


Happy Creating!


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