Doggy Disguises: How to Draw Dogs in Halloween Costumes!

Doggy Disguises: How to Draw Dogs in Halloween Costumes!

Hey friends! Happy October! A few weeks ago my daughter asked me to draw a picture of our dog, Maddie, dressed up for Halloween. Naturally, I was excited to jump at the prompt and quickly found myself doodling an entire page of different dogs dressed in different costumes. The next day, same thing! I couldn't stop! This was so much fun for me, and for my daughter. She would tell me the costume, and I would doodle a doggo to wear it! 

We were having so much fun drawing these doggies that I decided, "Why not teach short and simple tutorials for anyone else who would like to learn?" Sooooo...

"Doggy Disguises: How to Draw Dogs in Halloween Costumes" was born! 


Art with Mrs E Doggy Drawings


Everyday in the month of October, I am teaching you how to draw a quick and easy pup wearing a different halloween costumes. These tutorials are meant to be done in about 5 minutes, which is perfect for: A group of early finishers in your classroom looking for a simple activity, your child who needs to unwind after a long day at school, maybe even for you! 

I have been wanting to start creating tutorials for my Youtube Channel for a while and this drawing challenge just felt like the right way to kick it off (because if you know me, you know drawing dogs is part of my identity lol)

To check out the Dog Drawings we've drawn so far, head to my Youtube Channel here and be sure to like, and subscribe (is that what Youtubers say??) 


Happy Creating!

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