Animal Rescue Art Lesson: A Beautiful Way to Advocate for Animals in Need

Animal Rescue Art Lesson: A Beautiful Way to Advocate for Animals in Need

flower crown canine art lessonflower crown canine k-2 art lesson

It's not secret that I am a devout dog lover. But after deciding to rescue a dog instead of going to a breeder, my passion for helping animals that couldn't speak for themselves only sky rocketed. Many years ago, I started painting dogs and cats from my local shelter in my sketchbook to share on social media to help raise awareness about adopting and very soon after I developed Project Sketch and Fetch as a way to get my students involved (you can read all about it here). 

 rescue animals with flower crown paintings rescue dog with her painting

I wanted to find a way to circle back to my initial paintings in my sketchbook and present the concept in a way that students at the elementary level could do the same. So I created the lesson Flower Crown Canines + Cats, for both upper elementary students, and K-2 kiddos

flower crown canine art lesson for adoptable animals

This fully souped up lesson teaches students  how to draw and paint dogs and cats with flower crowns, creating beautiful works of art that not only showcase the beauty of our furry friends but also encourage adoption.

So what exactly is the Flower Crown Canines and Cats lesson?
Flower Crown Canines and Cats is a full art lesson that includes everything you need to create beautiful works of art featuring shelter animals. The lesson includes standards, objectives, 3 artists to learn about who use their art as an advocacy tool, step by step colored photos, timelapse videos, instructions on how to create a community art show with your local animal shelter, extension activities, several drawing guides and reference photos that your students  can use to create animal portraits of your own pet or animals in your community shelter. 

rescue dog lesson preview

Why is this lesson so important?

By using shelter animals as our subjects in this lesson, you can raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter animals. According to the World Animal Foundation, approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. By adopting a shelter animal, we can give these animals a second chance at life and provide them with a loving home.
By creating beautiful works of art featuring shelter animals, we can not only showcase their beauty but also encourage others to adopt these amazing creatures. And the best part? A portion of the proceeds from each Flower Crown Canines and Cats lesson goes to support animal shelters and rescue organizations.

flower crown canine art lesson  
This lesson is such a  fun and creative way to raise awareness about the importance of adopting. By using art as a tool, we can create beautiful works of art that showcase the beauty of these amazing animals and encourage others to adopt. So why not involve your students and give them the gift of knowing their art, time and talent can make a difference to an animal in need! 


You can access the full lessons for students in grades k-2 here, and 4-6 here


flower crown canine art lesson art with mrs e flower crown canine art lesson k-2 artwithmrse

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  • What a fantastic initiative! This art lesson not only inspires creativity but also supports shelter pets in the local community. It’s heartwarming to see the combination of artistic expression and compassion for animals. Kudos to Art With Mrs. E for making a positive impact through their work. Truly a beautiful way to create art and help those in need. More info:

    olivia1 watson

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