40 Engaging Drawing Prompts for Kids

40 Engaging Drawing Prompts for Kids

Looking for the perfect response to the age-old statement “But I don’t know what to draw”? Well, say no more! Here is a list of 40 drawing prompts that are sure to keep your children or students engaged while flexing their creative muscles!

*Note: For added fun, write each of these prompts on a craft stick so that students can randomly choose a prompt from a cup! Students love the spontaneity of not knowing what they will get!


  1. Design your dream castle to live in

  2. Draw Your dream vacation

  3. Draw a dinosaur ice cream shop

  4. Draw what’s hiding under the couch?

  5. Draw if the moon was made of cheese?

  6. Where did the other sock go missing from the laundry?

  7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  8. Draw something out of place in an aquarium

  9. Draw yourself as a famous artist

  10. Design your dream treehouse

  11. Draw a man with crazy facial hair 

  12. What is inside the treasure box?

  13. Design a treasure map

  14. Draw your teacher as a pirate

  15. Draw your dream bedroom

  16. Design your dream house

  17. Design a video game 

  18. Draw your pet or favorite animal as a super hero (and give them a name!)

  19. Design a robot to do your chores

  20. Draw your dream meal

  21. Design a robot that does your homework

  22. Combine two animals together 

  23. Draw your dream pet

  24. Design a thinking cap that gave you all the right answers

  25. Where does the rabbit hole lead? Draw underground…

  26. Draw the principal as a monster 

  27. Draw your family as aliens

  28. Design your dream backyard

  29. Draw me as a monster!

  30. Draw something that smells bad

  31. Create a new invention

  32. What’s living in your closet?

  33. Draw a 4-panel comic 

  34. If I were the President…

  35. Draw something you are craving to eat right now!

  36. Draw an art supply dance battle

  37. Draw yourself as part human, part animal

  38. Draw a person with crazy hair 

  39. Draw something completely out of place in the ocean

  40. Draw a space cat

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